Volleyball players aged 9-19, regardless of volleyball experience. The camp is of an international nature and the previous participants were from the following countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Mexico, Costa Rica, Austria, Belgium, France, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, USA, Switzerland, Mozambique, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary, Turkey, etc.


The camp is held in Šumarice, in the hotel of the same name, 3 km from the center of Kragujevac. The hotel is surrounded by nature, it is ideal for the preparation of athletes, and the sports hall is located within the facility.


The price of the Play Volley camp is 390eur (46,000 dinars)

The amount is paid in dinars to the account at Komercijalna banka AD Beograd, account number: 205-229678-45.

THE FIRST INSTALLMENT amounts to 12,000 dinars and it represents the reservation of a place at the Camp. You can pay the remaining amount all at once or in installments (ending July 2024). The entire amount must be paid by July 1, 2024. The number of participants at the Camp is limited, so by filling out the online application and paying the FIRST INSTALLMENT, secure your place on time.

In case of cancellation, it is not possible to return the paid reservation. The remaining amount, except for the reservation, is returned to the camper who is prevented from participating in the camp for justified reasons.

The price of the camp for participants without accommodation and food is 190 euros.


Transportation is not included in the price of the camp. Transportation can be organized in agreement with the organizer if there are interested participants of the camp or in the case of registration of a group from the same club. Participants will be informed by e-mail in due time about the possibilities of transportation to Šumarice.


Campers will have two training sessions a day (1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the afternoon) in a superb and modernly equipped hall, fitness training, individual training, with additional recreational activities. Campers will be under the supervision of a doctor and physiotherapist all the time at the camp. It is also planned to host well-known volleyball players, national team members, coaches and experts from the world of volleyball and sports. On the last day of the camp, a tournament is held between the campers.


Fill out the APPLICATION on our website or contact us via email / phone number +381621673573. Registration from the site will be recorded and our team will contact you after registration.

Payment can be made all at once or in installments (March 12,000 din/April 12,000 din/May 12,000 din/June 10,000 din). The entire sum of 46,000 dinars must be paid by July 1, 2024.

By filling out the APPLICATION, you confirm that you agree to the conditions of the camp, that your child is participating in the camp and that you have read the RULES on behavior at the camp. Also, that you agree that your child can be photographed/recorded during activities at the camp and that the pictures/records can be published on our website and social networks.


You fill out the APPLICATION on our website or send all the necessary data for the application by e-mail. Following the instructions for payment from abroad, you pay the amount for participating in the camp, and you bear the costs of sending the money. Children who come to the Camp from abroad must have health insurance during their stay at the camp.

Instructions for payment from abroad will be sent to your email after your application.


YES. If you want your child to progress further, we have prepared, in addition to the standard, high-quality, professionally created training program PLAY+ within the Play Volley Camp. Extra work allows children to reach their full potential and make the desired progress. PLAY+ takes place between two standard training sessions.

The price of the PLAY+ camp is 120 euros.


Campers will receive a list of things to bring to camp. Among other things, it is necessary to bring: sports clothes (shorts, t-shirts, socks, sweatshirt, etc.), sports shoes for the hall, items for personal hygiene, personal items of your choice. It is not recommended to carry expensive things and devices because the Camp is not responsible for lost things. Each camper is obliged to read the RULES on behavior at the Camp before arriving at the Camp, which implies a safe and secure stay for all participants.

Campers will receive TWO T-SHIRTS and ONE SHORTS.


It is necessary to bring a medical certificate for playing sports and a valid health card to the camp.


Parents are welcome, but they cannot change the work program of the Camp, which is planned by the organizers. The phone number +381621673573 is available to parents, where they can inquire about all camper activities.


The diet will be of top quality, adapted to young athletes, and includes domestic and international specialties. Our nutritionist will recommend a menu and well-balanced meals to campers that will contribute to their better, more beautiful and healthier development and sports career. It is necessary to inform the Organizer about allergies and intolerance to certain foods.


Yes, the choice of roommate is possible. In case you come alone, we will assign you a roommate who is of the same or similar age as you.


In front of you is the RULE BOOK on behavior that implies a safe and secure stay for all participants at the Play Volley Camp! We hope that you will spend unforgettable moments at our camp, that you will train well, socialize, make new friends, and to make all of this possible, there are certain rules that must be followed on and off the field.

• Respect the scheduled time of training, the time of going to bed and getting up
• Follow the training plan and program
• Follow the instructions and tasks that the coaches give you on the field
• Consult the trainers regarding any ambiguities at training
• It is forbidden to bring expensive things to training
• Immediately contact the coaches and professional team in case of any possible problem during training (health, etc.)
• Play fair, in accordance with volleyball rules and respect other players on the court
• The use of mobile phones during training is prohibited!

• Keep your rooms tidy and protect your and our environment
• Immediately contact the hotel staff or camp organizers in case of any problem in the room
• It is forbidden for boys to stay in girls’ rooms and for girls to stay in boys’ rooms
• Store hotel belongings and furniture and sports equipment in the hall with the attention of a good host. For any intentional damage, the camper is responsible and will be obliged to compensate the damage
• IT IS FORBIDDEN TO LEAVE THE HOTEL, in any case without the permission and escort of the ORGANIZER. Anyone who leaves the Hotel on their own initiative risks being sent home without delay.
• It is forbidden to order untested fast food outside the hotel
• Keep your personal belongings safe. Do not bring expensive devices, jewelry and valuables to the camp, because you are responsible for their loss or destruction.
• Always be accompanied by a roommate or in a group wherever you go (hotel, hotel grounds)
• Create a friendly atmosphere between you and respect other campers
• Bring a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for practicing sports that confirms that you are able to train and participate in the Play Volley Camp! If you take certain medications, bring a sufficient amount for the 8 days of your shift and emphasize to the Organizers what time you take them. If you have allergies, bring the medicines you normally use for first aid. Medical care will be available to campers 24 hours a day.
• Respect afternoon rest and night rest, when peace and quiet is required
• Dinner is at 11 pm. Leaving the Hotel after 11 pm, staying in the Hotel lobby after dinner and disturbing other campers is prohibited.

• Insulting on national, racial, religious or any other grounds
• Hate speech
• Physical intentional assault
• Alcohol, cigarettes, illegal substances
• Firecrackers, sharp objects
• Violation of the law on any basis
• Bringing people who are not camp participants into the room

Each shift starts at 13:00 (the first meal is lunch) and ends on the last day after breakfast until 10:00. Parents and participants are obliged to adhere to the timetable for arriving at and leaving the camp.
In case of strict violation of camp RULES, the PARTICIPANT will be sent home or a parent will be called to pick him up, at his expense.

• Awakening
• The breakfast
• Training
• Lunch
• Mandatory rest
• PLAY+ individual trainings (optional)
• Second training
• Dinner
• Organized joint activities
• Dinner at 11 pm

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